Sunday, September 22, 2013


It started with these cute little soup crocks, a Christmas present from my daughter, today they just seemed to scream comfort food, aww chicken-n-dumplings is the perfect thing to start off the Fall season!

so I pulled out two & gave them a good wash, aren’t they just the cutest things?

I like to boil my chicken & broth made  from water , cream of chicken & butter separate

making homemade dumplings can be messy but oh so worth it! I start out with flour

make a well in the middle & add cold water

begin pulling  the flour in from the edges & start to form a ball of dough

I like to roll my dough out on parchment paper but saran wrap was all I had, this was tricky but did the job

as I rolled the dough out & cut into strips, Terry was in charge of breaking them into the boiling broth, cooking on med. heat & preventing them from scorching,*I need to make him an apron* lol!

when the chicken is done, break it up & add to the dumplings, I find that the chicken stays in tack better  by doing it this way & it doesn’t cook all to pieces & disappear

as long as we were rolling out dough  there wasn’t any reason not to pull out the electric skillet & whip up a few fried apple pies, would you like my homemade fried pie filling recipe?

ready to see how it all came out?
that is cinnamon you see , not burnt lol! I like to sprinkle powdered sugar on them but sugar & cinnamon was  what I had on hand,there was no rhyme or reason of how I made them, I just rolled the dough into balls, rolled them out, spread the filling in the middle, folded them over & pressed the edges with a fork like my grandmother use to do

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