Friday, October 18, 2013



We were blessed with an abundance of sweet potatoes last week, to keep from making what seemed like it’s be 100 pies  I went on a recipe search to see what all could be done with sweet potatoes, you’d be surprised what all you can make with a sweet potato lol! so yesterday we started out with Sweet Potatoes & Black Bean Chili For Two which was surprisingly good, Terry ask why the lime? I said to let you know there’s lime juice in it & it makes it pretty lol!



I was disappointed in the black beans, our local grocery that we use most is in the possess of changing names & they’re talking out all the name brands that I like to use so my black beans are kinda brown making my chili kinda ugly but good anyway  lol! you can see in the close up the black beans are brown, not using that brand anymore,  over all if you’re eating a bite it taste like chili but when you taste just a bite of the sweet potatoes you can taste the sweetness of the sweet potatoes ,the recipe makes more than enough for two depending on how much you like in your bowl, we are about 1  1/2 cuppers lol!,you can find a printable recipe here


later into the evening we made sweet potato doughnuts maple glaze with minced pecans & maple glaze without nuts, powdered sugar dusted & sugar & cinnamon dusted, the cinnamon sugar was my idea, I’ll tell you why in a minute lol!


aren’t the little doughnut holes just the cutes things!for the doughnuts I had a round cookie cutter but for the holes I had to get creative, couldn't have them too big or too little hummm what to use awww the top of a 20oz bottle lol!other than the dough having to chill 3-5 hours  they make up pretty quick, the dough will still be sticky so keep lots of flour handy for dusting


we talked about trying the recipe again “one day” as it makes a lot !& changing the flour out to whole wheat & adding more sweet potatoes, there’s still sweet potatoes as far as the eye can see around the kitchen lol! so there will be more experimenting, defiantly some sweet potato pies in their future & there's a pork lion, apple.sweet potato recipe I’ve got my eye on


you can a printable recipe here


now which one do I want for breakfast!Oh I almost forgot! the ones I did with sugar & cinnamon, the recipe calls for putting bacon in the glaze, I didn’t have any bacon nor cared to try that but if you like the idea  then go for it! I had seen where you dip muffins in butter & roll in sugar & cinnamon so I tried this on some of the doughnuts & they are um um good! so next time you see a sweet potatoes, step outside the box of baking it & see where it takes you!


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Marsha Baker said...

WOW! Lots of creative ideas here...I am wild about sweet taters. Thanks so much for sharing at Weekend Potluck. I'm guessing you are a new blog? We'd love it if you would link back to the party within your makes you eligible to be featured. Please let me know if I can help you with that. Do hope you come back to the party again soon.

Nanna said...

Thanks Marsha, I did go back & add the link & yes this is my newest blog, I have 3 others that I've been working since 2000, I'm still working on getting all my links onto this blog, thanks for visiting