Wednesday, May 14, 2014




the first thing I was asked was why a workshop? don't you just throw stuff in a bag & freeze it? lol! well yea as I’ve made many a freezer meals but there’s just something about interacting with others & making new friends that makes it more rewarding




you got your choice of one pampered chef tool with your spice package



you don’t have to have  a huge space to entertain, there were six of us huddled around that kitchen Island & not once  did we get in each others way, we each had our own recipes, cutting board, measuring cups tools etc were in the middle of the table, great time of chitter chatter & lots of laughter


each recipe would feed 4-6 people, my first thought was lordy I’ll have to half all mine lol! but then I drug my bestie who is also my pastors wife along with me, halving everything to feed 4 or more  letting us both walk away with 20 only  we ran short on chicken (my fault) lol! giving us 18 which was still good


Greek Chicken

French Dip sandwiches

Savory Pork chops

Chicken De Provence

Beef Gyros

Cheesy Ham & Potato Soup

Lemon Chicken

Asian Short Ribs

Bar B Que Pulled Chicken

Savory Beef Vegetable Soup


our cooler was so full & so heavy! Mary’s husband put it in the car for us but we were on our own once we got back home, there were 2 soup recipes which can surely be divided up more than twice, we laughed at how  we may have to divide the cheesy potato ham soup up a dozen times after it’s cooked, a gal is a bit much for 2 people lol!


half way through we took a little snack break  break, which Mary called a commercial as she introduced some of  the new Pampered Chef products lol!

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for more info on Pampered Chef products check out the official website


it seems a lot are posting that they’ve made the French dip sandwich's first & how good it smells & taste so as I’m cooking lima beans & cornbread on this rainy day I’m thinking that’s’ what will be going in the crockpot upon retiring to my bed later tonight for tomorrow lol!


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