Saturday, September 21, 2013


From time to time the church will have a Boston Butt sale, one’s not so bad but when he buys two, you wonder what he was thinking lol!so you separate  um ,seal up & pop um into the freezer, you can only do so much other than BBQ sandwiches, right? so with the help of Pinterest & my thinking cap, the other day I take a bag out, divide it in half & season it with steak rub, the rub was my idea lol!

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then get all the ingredients together, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, meat, spread some enchilada sauce onto a flour tortilla, place meat & cheese on top , roll up & place in baking pan, add enchilada sauce & cheese on top & bake till cheese is melted & you have Boston Butt enchilada’s lol! they were actually good! the steak spice gave the meat a slight steak taste

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I had divided the meat in half so the next night I made Boston Butt Quesadilla’s, flipping  these in the skillet was tricky & messy , will have to rethink this possess the next time lol! I spread meat & cheese onto a flour tortilla then topped it with a second one, lightly fried  in a skillet then topped with lettuce, tomatoes, cheese & sour cream, this was good enough to make me want Mexican lol!

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so have you ventured outside the bar-b-q- realm of a Boston Butt? if you have any creative ideals let us know we might just give it a try lol!

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