Thursday, July 24, 2014



this past week I spent  a few days at my daughter’s who helped me make aprons for a friend of mine, we cooked, sewed & laughed a lot!

are you sure they’re not pancakes I asked? no mom, they’re hoecakes humm as I watched her make them I said awww you’re making biscuits! no mom they're hoecakes do not put pancake syrup on them lol!





so I guess you could call them glorified fried biscuits lol! the homemade wild blackberry jam that I brought her was put to good use! hoecakes! who would of thought ! she takes after me trying out new things lol!


after the excitement of figuring out whether I was eating pancakes or biscuits, excuse me! hoecakes! we moved on to making aprons, 25 to be exact


the second day upon  staying with my daughter to get these aprons made she introduced me to a new  sandwich, which I will be sharing with you later, roasted red peppers, chicken… awww can’t wait can you? for more pictures & updates on the aprons be sure to visit my Nannas Place Blog



2 c. self rising flour

1/4 c. Crisco

milk or buttermilk


blend flour & Crisco, add  just enough milk or buttermilk till batter is thick enough to drop by spoonful's ,fry in butter or oil like making pancakes, size of hoecakes is a matter of preference , hoecakes are nothing more than a fried biscuit, delicious plain, with syrup, jelly or however you choose to enjoy them







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