Friday, March 14, 2014



A few weeks back I tried a new biscuit recipe that didn’t turn out to good & it’s a good possibility it was because I did it my way like rolling the dough out with a rolling pin, couldn't help it! it’s just in me to do that lol!, I noticed where the recipe said you could go  half & half on the flour, wheat/white flour, so I took that option  just incase & I restrained from rolling the dough out, add all dry ingredients & blend butter in with a fork


add milk, blend & turn out onto  a floured surface knead & pat out to yield 4 biscuits, I squeaked out 6

eat22  eat23

no fancy biscuit cutters for me, just a pretty glass


I sprayed my little Pyrex dish with Pam & baked at 35o till done about 10 min, I really wasn’t watching the time


add some turnip greens, fried chicken & rice & you’ve got dinner!


I’m glad I gave these little biscuits a second chance, they are not as dark as the first try because I swapped out half the flour for self rising flour, later down the road I’ll try them again with just the wheat flour & restrain from rolling them out lol!



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