Thursday, May 15, 2014


last night before retiring to my bed I pulled out the crock pot& pulled out one of my freezer meals from the freezer, French Dipped Sandwiches


I love my little crock pot, it was given to me by my niece-n-law a few years back & is just the right size for small meals


awww the sweet aroma that wakens you of something yummy cooking , I pulled the meat out of the crock pot & sliced it up ,ohhh so tender & smelling do delish!but the verdicts not in just yet lol! then I drained the juices which made the gravy for dipping



then made up the sandwiches, pouring up just enough gravy for dipping, this has made me want to buy those cute little finger bowls, I think they’d  be just right for individual dipping, so I’m making a note of that!


the verdict? umm umm good! bam! cha ching! a keeper for the recipe box for sure! here’s another thought, the meat would also be good for Philly’s, one meat, one crock pot, two sandwich options! wasn’t that a  good idea I came up with? lol!

then brownies from a simple boxed brownie mix dusted with powered sugar made for the perfect ending to a great day cooking10cooking11


 1.5-2 lbs. beef chuck roast

1 TBS. pampered chef herbs de Provence seasoning mix

1 TBS. pampered  chef crushed peppercorn & garlic  rub

1 (10 oz) beef consommé (found in the soup section)


place meat in freezer bag, add spices & beef consommé & freeze

cooking…frozen crockpot 5-6 hrs on high

serve on hoagie buns


I was very pleased with the outcome of this recipe & will make it again

a keeper for the recipe box for sure!

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