Sunday, September 8, 2013


have you ever had a taste for something different but yet good as well? This simple recipe only takes a few ingredients, most of what we usually  always have  on hand, I came across this recipe in  a magazine way back in the 70’s I think, yea I’ve had it that long lol!, it’s quick to put together & is a nice change form the ordinary sauce spaghetti's


spaghetti noodles

*cream of mushroom soup

*chopped frozen broccoli (about 1 cup or small box)

*1/2 onion or sm. onion

*stick butter ( I use country crock)

*chicken tenders

*salt/pepper to taste

*touch of milk(enough for desired thickness)

chop the onion & statue in 1 stick of butter

add chicken tenders ( put the lid on to keep tender then lid off to brown then back on) there is no wrong way to do this LOL

add broccoli(you may want to rinse the ice off)

add cream of mushroom soup

add milk till you get desired thickness, the milk gives it a more gravy look & creamier taste

Meanwhile have spaghetti noodles cooking, add salt/pepper & a touch of butter to boiling water for more flavorful noodles

drain noodles & get ready to plate up! LOL

divide noodles onto plates, add broccoli mixture to top of spaghetti then add chicken tenders on top

once again there is no wrong way to make this, I sometimes fry the chicken in a separate skillet, when I make it for company I cook the broccoli separate, drain & add to top for a pretty presentation , whether made separate, together, pretty or ugly it all taste the same " UM UM GOOD!"

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