Tuesday, December 17, 2013


As we’re in the mist of the Holidays, this can only mean one thing, busy! busy! busy! running to & fro means a lot of grabbing something here & something there leaving no time for the grocery store,leading to too much eating out, looking through my photos I’m thinking we need to get back to some good salad & freezer meals, my first attempt I put the lettuce into pint jars which was enough for the two of us & prepped all the veggies, ready for salad making


the second attempt I made the salad in the jars with the dressing, which works out well, as they lasted over a week


I ‘ve even went ahead & made some in small Tupperware bowls, they stayed fresh as long as the jarred ones ,  since I don’t take mine to go I  now make them up the same but without the dressing, takes just a few seconds to throw some on


why all the fuss about salad in a jar? well for me  half the time when I’m craving a salad by the time I drag everything out, prep it, fix it I’m no longer in the mood for it lol , but if it’s ready then  it just makes it taste all the more better


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