Friday, January 24, 2014



Eating from the pantry an be exciting, you’ll be surprised at how much you really can come up with, so we have tortilla shells, black beans, chicken tenders, a few salad tomatoes that are on their last leg lol!, lettuce, one sad packet of sour cream  from a restaurant a few weeks back, home made salsa that we made a  few months back  just enough cheese & a visit to PINTEREST & wha! la!  a new recipe is born !  I grilled my chicken on the big George,I stacked the tortillas  3 times instead of two , 3 layers cut in 1/4’s was way plenty for us,& baked it in the oven on a cookie sheet as I’ve had no so good success in keeping it all together  trying to flip it in a skillet lol! the recipe calls for 1/4 cup of hot sauce , whoo! that’s way too much hot for us, I only used one table spoon & it still had a kick to it

pinterest source for recipe

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