Wednesday, February 19, 2014


While at my daughters this past week she had dinner menus & everything I’d need to prepare them nicely organized & labeled in the freezer, but there was this one day something went wrong lol! so I’m going through the dinner options & I come across chicken with gravy, mashed potatoes, streamed cabbage, cook the chicken in the crockpot, then shred, cook gravy according to packet instructions, hummm sounds easy right? only when I added the gravy to the chicken it absorbed it all lol WHAT HAPPENED TO MY GRAVY! lol! oh how the grand kids laughed but not to worry I’ turned it into chicken-N-rice lol! later I was told I wasn’t supposed to of stirred the gravy into the chicken but pour it on top of it, have mercy that wasn’t on my dummy card lol! so today I decided I’d give this idea  another shot for our lunch , I cooked the chicken in the crock pot, shredded it, so far so good, made the gravy & this time kept it to the side & waa laa! I did it! don’t you just love my gravy bowl? LOL!



I wasn’t taking any chances on the gravy disappearing this time,  it got served on top of the chicken ! with rice & squash sautéed in butter yum! I sent my daughter a picture saying I did it! crazy mama! ha ha!


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