Sunday, February 9, 2014



Madison, Reece, Meagan

There’ still so much to do & time is running out to get ready lol!this past Wed. my youngest daughter & granddaughter spent the night so that I could send take them to meet up with  Bustamante Mexico missionary

friends of ours


Heather, Courtney, Ms. Ruby heading out to Bustamante Mexico with 11 others

today will probably be the last contact through texting & Facebook as they are now just hours from crossing the border

this is a Valentine  party I threw for my older grand daughters  back in 2006,wow where does the time go val_party2valentines party with girls 2-17-06 005


they’re set on having lots of fun crazy times with Nanna this upcoming week lol!it’s been a while since I’ve rustled up little ones to get them off to school, homework, baths, supper & in-between all that they wantta have fun? lol!so what will I do in the big house everyday waiting for the bus to bring the wild fun times home? lol! perhaps I’ll work on my quilt or do a little sewing, perhaps some reading or just take a nap lol!Mon. is my birthday so maybe I’ll throw myself  a party lol!then there’s a valentine party to plan, then a welcome home party yea looks like it just might be  lots of fun wild times with Nanna! lol!

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