Tuesday, June 24, 2014


That was the question when I couldn’t quite decide on what I had a taste for, humm not really wanting anything to do with an egg , not in the mood for yogurt and it was  a little late into the morning after all, and the salads  just seemed to be smiling at me,


I thought  I’d just put the dressing on & eat it right out of the jar as I’d heard some do, right? this however did not work for me lol perhaps if the dressing had been on the bottom which I have made like that before, when making salads in  a jar be sure to add the dressing first, as long as the dressing doesn’t touch the lettuce  they will last a few days in the fridge


so onto  a plate it goes and is right in the world of salad for breakfast, it was after 10:00 s we could just say it’s not Breakfast at all, it’s Brunch lol!to further redeem myself I could say it’s actually an omelet on a bed of lettuce lol!


below are a few different salads I have made in the past adding the dressing


so what’s for breakfast at your house? had anything out of the breakfast category  lately?

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