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LoL! not sure why that old song’s popping up in my head, could it be I’m in blueberry over load? the other day I took a few friends to pick peaches, yea I’ve got more peaches t put up LoL! then we went to the blueberry farm , this time I decided  to make blueberry jam, muffins with streusel topping

Blueberry Jam


Blueberry muffins w/ streusel topping



Blueberry pie filling


we tested the pie filling by making some fried pies with a roll of pastry dough I had in the fridge, the pie filling recipe will be a keeper as well as the muffin recipe


so let’s do a blueberry recap, the first visit to the blueberry farm  I picked two gallons, the second trip one gallon, so what did I do with three gallons of blueberry's?

4 qt. bags frozen

8 pt. jars in light syrup

3 pt. jars pie filling

18 jumbo muffins

7  1/2 pt.jars jam

4 turnovers to test the pie filling lol!



and I think that’s all lol! three gallons of blueberry's is more than you think!do you have a favorite blueberry recipe?


I used self rising flour, cause that’s what I had, omitted the salt, baking powder & cinnamon on the  first batch, the second I used the cinnamon & didn’t like  the way it changed the texture so went back to omitting it on the  third batch, it’s just a matter of taste


I will tweak this just a  touch next time as it was a bit tart but not bad, I just think it’d be better  to be a tad sweeter

the jam you just follow  the directions on the sure jel box

I do 3 parts water ( 3 c.)to 1 part sugar (1 c.) for  the light syrup & water bath for 10 min


there’s more to do with blueberries than you think, so  the next time you’re up to your eyeballs in blueberries  have fun with them search, the internet, pinterest  etc. for new & exciting recipes & see what all you can come up with!


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