Sunday, August 10, 2014


It's always good to be able to have fresh peaches on hand when the urge of a cobbler arises lol! my favorite way to can them is  3 parts water to 1 part sugar & water bath for about 25 min


there’s so much you can do with peaches, even make jelly or jam, this year, I tried something different, my father-n-law was telling me that back in his day jelly was made from the juice of the peelings of apples, peaches etc. that using the fruit  was for other things, so I decided I’d give this a try, washing & scrubbing the fuzz off a peach is such fun ha ha!


& look at all my jelly! it worked!  makes sense I guess , after all when you peel an apple or a peach there’s goody still on the peeling lol, we did a taste test & it was good like peach jelly was supposed to taste so my father-n-law may be on to something there but I’ll still make my jam with the fruit shhhhhh! lol!

when I made  apple jelly , I took the time to remove the peelings from the squished up apples  & made applesauce, messy & time consuming but came out with  two jars of applesauce , you can see one jar off to the right the apples were from my father-n-law’s June apple tree


do you have a favorite thing you like to can? do you use the waste not want not method of using everything to it’s best potential? next adventure is strawberries, I have a whole flat of them & not quite sure what to do with them, why so many? well for $10  lets just say I got caught up in the moment lol!


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