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I had tons of sweet potatoes that needed tending to so I had a sweet potatoes baking party with a few friends I made them each an Apron, I had the sweet potatoes baked & ready,, I set up a baking station in the kitchen, I set up a little buffet,we watched Mom’s Night Out


Helen Chaffin's photo.

Debbie & Kim proud of their aprons, we sure did miss Faye

Helen Chaffin's photo.Helen Chaffin's photo.

grape chicken salad sandwiches, pumpkin cupcakes, spinach & artichoke dip & tea made  for a sweet buffet

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what a fun time we had in the kitchen, they can’t wait to get together again, so will it be a cookie party, a sewing party? I need to paint, maybe a painting party? lol they may not go for that lol but we do agree we must get together again soon!

thee were more pies but Kim shot out with hers before I could think to take a picture , the recipe is an olds one I’ve used for many years that I got from my father-n-law who had it published in a cookbook



1 c. mashed sweet potatoes ( I never measure I used 3-4 depending  on the size)

2 c.sugar

3 TBS.flour

1 stick margarine softened

2 well beaten eggs

1 TSP vanilla

1 TSP lemon juice( I never never do this as to me it makes the pie taste like lemon)

1 lg. can evaporated milk


blend well, you can mix by hand or by mixer depending on your preference, I do by hand  as I like it to be a little chunkier as the blender will give a smooth silkier like pie both are good & has no effect on taste I just prefer to have mine by hand

pour into  2 deep dish pie shells, once again  matter of preference, if you’re just doing one recipe & want more pies  you can certainly use the regular pie shells

bake at 325 I do 350 out of habit lol for 30-35 min or till firm


Note: I usually bake my sweet potatoes but you can also boil them for time sake, I’ve done both & both work out well, I prefer baking as for those left over can be made into other things or frozen

it is sweet potato season  so grab a few friends' & have a baking party, you’ll be glad you did!


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