Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Burrrr it’s been cold here, time for soups to warm the body & snacks to munch on,  actually it’s more prep work than anything, we’ve taken on the Ultimate Daniel fast with Kristen again this year, no meats, refined sugars,starches for 3 weeks

The Ultimate Guide to the Daniel Fast

you an read more about it on my post over at Sitting At His Feet  http://sittingathisfeetministry.blogspot.com/2015/01/through-life-of-daniel.html

I love this soup recipe & surprisingly you don’t miss the meat

 Jamaican Chili


chop & sauté an onion & a yellow bell pepper in 1 TBS. olive oil



add one can each, chopped tomatoes,(you can use any style, petite is just my preference) vegetable broth, kidney beans,northern beans, black beans, if you like a little more spice you can add rotel


one tsp. cumin, one tsp., paprika ,  1 clove garlic ( I used garlic powder) salt & pepper, stir, bring to a boil the lower heat & simmer for about 30 min. no peeking! this will allow soup to thicken, the first time I made this soup I wasn’t too sure about the paprika, this time I used it & was glad I did for it really pulls out & enhances the flavors of this soup, what was I so scared of? lol! I divide this up for the freezer in 3 cup batches which gives us 1&1/2 c. servings  each & serve with a salad

your salad doesn’t have to be boring!


did somebody mention snacks?  lol! one of my favorites & quickest things to put together is trail mix, you wont miss the candy, ok maybe just a little lol!


banana chips, red & yellow raisins, cranraisins(cranberries) walnuts, cashews, is what’s going on in mine, you can use any type of nut, as many types as you like just make it to your liking, blend it all together & put in an air tight canister or bowl


you’re now ready for snack time, anytime!


how about you? are you getting your soup on?

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Michelle F said...

We are on the Daniel Fast, also.
Funny thing, I happen to be making Jamaican Soup tonite. Hubby wants to continue with the Daniel Plan. We have only tasted one thing we all decided we do not like, artichokes.