Wednesday, February 18, 2015


the wind is just awful today & the tempts not helping matters either, burr what a cold blistery day! so what to do but pull out an old favorite comfort recipe, actually there is no recipe as I kinda ad lived & made this up a few years ago, you're basically just going to add cheese & pepperonis to your spaghetti, how hard is that? lol! but  don’t worry I am here to talk you through it

lets get those spaghetti noodles boiling


meanwhile lets start browning  our meat


drain the noodles

drain the meat


& add desired spaghetti sauce


add pepperonies to meat & sauce, I just eyeball how many I think is good,


now mix with spaghetti noodles & blend together

grab baking dish of your choice add a layer of spaghetti /pepperoni mixture


add layer of your choice of shredded cheese


repeat & this time top with pepperonies

cook18  cook19

put into 350 degree oven for about 20 min allowing cheese to melt

you are done!


now wasn’t that easy?



and one to share, this one I am taking to my pastors tonight, all they have to do is heat it till the cheese melts or put it in the freezer for later


* note: I do not use any extra salt  other than just a pinch as the meat is browning as we feel the salt  from the sauce & the pepperoni is enough, rather than salt I add about a TBSP of butter to the noodles after I drain them, I sometimes alternate black olives when layering the pepperonies on the top


* I have also made this for one of my freezer meals, just put together without baking & freeze,when doing freezer meals I freeze mine in a foil pan & write pepperoni spaghetti, bake @ 350 till cheese melts & place it in a freezer zip lock as well


add a salad & buttered French bread & you’ve got   a nice tasty meal in just minutes!


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DeVonne Reed said...

I am going to try your recipe. :)