Friday, March 27, 2015


have I mentioned lately that the word diet starts off with die? isn’t the words  better eating so much better? as I was l cleaning out my files & looking back through pictures of meals I thought humm maybe it’s time to go back to the beach, this beach that is



it’s not so different than what we already eat except with the added desserts , breads you know fattening stuff from time to time & good for you does look good as well as taste good but there’s only so much you can do with an egg


but fruit is  a welcome sight for breakfast as well as  a snack & you are allowed to add a dollop of cool whip!


salads made ahead  of time, can be a life saver when you’re hungry for a salad but tend to grab something forbidden rather than pull everything out to make one, plus they’re ready at a moments notice to accompany that steak or whatever meat you choose for your entry , choose plates that will make the colors of your foods pop!



the first time  we went to the “beach” I didn’t take the time to get too creative with the meal plans but this go round I’ve went over  the food list with a fine tooth comb so to speak & little things popped out at me like “mayo” “all shell fish” hummm what can I do with that , I can pull in one of our favorites, crab salad! even eating out! yes I will miss the crackers lol!



I also came across a picture of garlic shrimp that I had tested out for the 4th of July a few years ago, oh boy! this fits right in with the  can haves! add a salad & yummy yummy!


flank steak, chestnuts, broccoli, ..I feel a stir fry coming on , we shall see! I was right on the verge to making up freezer meals again when I decided that going back to the beach was the wise decision



just don’t think about the cornbread!

southbeach07 diet05




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