Monday, April 27, 2015



now this may look like  we’re not taking the diet plan serious, but I assure you we are as you’re allowed dairy into the third week lol!this is not something we venture into every day or whenever we want to but  once again never let any diet control you, if you have a craving for something, have a little taste, he ate way more of the fried ice cream than I did  as he’s in this journey with me because  what I cook is what he gets lol! lol!

today is the beginning of a fresh new week & we’ve been to the store & got lots of yummy things to keep us on track, I’ve searched the internet for interesting new recipes to try

shrimp scampi

lemon chicken-n- brussel sprouts

beef-n- broccoli stir fry

lettuce wrap cheeseburgers

just to name a few, yes I feel a great productive week coming on ,resulting in more pounds dropping, can you hear them? cha ching! cha ching! lol!



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