Wednesday, April 15, 2015


a friend of mine posted a brownie mug cup recipe & then it began, lol! I went on a search for mug cup recipes, oh my goodness! why have I not thought of this before? plus it’s a great excuse to buy really cute mugs! I decided to step on he scales this morning, & it looks like I’m down 3lbs, not much but I’ll take um! but I can’t get these mug recipes outta my head lol!


surely this is healthy , right?

Mug cakes in the morning: You'll love these simple recipes for breakfast in a cup!


humm maybe when we get into the phase where we’re allowed flour & a tiny bit of sugar lol! gives me something to look forward too lol! and will be great to test out with the grand kids, I’m down 3lbs  yippee, now you may think that’s not a lot, go ahead make the mug cake lol! but 3 is more than last week & I’ll take it lol! but in the meantime I think I’ll make  a new Pinterest board, so we’ll be ready ! come on! go ahead & search mug cup cakes, I dare you!

Sweet Treats In 5 Minutes! 20 Mug Cake Recipes That Get Us Drooling- Double Lemon Mug CakeFrench Toast In A Cup





and I just knew there had to be a book out there somewhere lol!


how about you? have you ventured out & made anything in a mug?



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