Thursday, April 16, 2015




beware of the hamburger monster! he will sneak up on you at any given moment, he will seize the moments when you think you’ve blown it,I thought I was on a good roll last week eating all that fruit  only to realize fruit isn’t for two weeks into the journey that’s probably  why I’ve only lost 3lbs as opposed to 10lbs  so yea I said oh well & let the hamburger monster win, but I’m back on track & he can just get on back!he would so love for me to make  one of those mug cakes but I’m saving that for my victory dance lol!It’s a rainy day here , not  much good food in the house, who wants to go out in the pouring rain?  so here he comes whispering “drive through” then I remembered I have homemade vegetable soup




poof be gone! hamburger monster!



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