Thursday, April 2, 2015




today I remembered to weigh in, not as if I didn’t know I’d tip the riper scale lol! now you really didn’t think I’d share that heroic number with you did you? ha ha! but as time goes by I will share how many of those numbers drop off, I’ve never been one to go solely by the scales as we all know pounds come & go, the first indication I always have that it’s working is in  my face, then I begin to notice my cloths beginning to fit again

so we start off the morning with fruit which is so much better when in season but pretty makes it taste good right?




I even made him one which he says he will have later hummm




collards , butterbeans going on the stove, chicken's in the oven makes for a good productive day, the plans suggest 2 cups of veggies  twice a day, that’s four cups! that's a lot of veggies!I’ll figure that out later, his plate’s always has to have something on it, relish etc.




and it’s ok that my plate's a little plain, I wasn’t in the mood for ham hocks & certainly not any kind of relish but boy oh boy could I go for some cornbread! uggggh I mustn't think about it!




did you know if you spray pam butter cooking spray on chicken & bake in the oven  it gives a fried like texture? for dinner/supper I was feeling  a little fruity lol! romaine lettuce & shredded red cabbage mix,strawberries, 1/2 of a fresh mandarin orange, a few pecans pulled from my planters nut mix, sweet poppy seed dressing makes for a pretty & tasty salad n this dressing is so thick that to make it ‘’pretty”lol I pour some on top of the lettuce then add fixings' then pour it into a spoon & drizzle it across my salad




I came across some great looking recipes this morning so I’m off to search the net for interesting recipes to bump this healthy eating up a notch!it will keep me out of the Easter candy we just bought lol!


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