Wednesday, April 1, 2015


well the first day here at the beach


I decided to do omelets for breakfast like I’ve countless amount of times before, but what when it doesn’t happen  as planed? lol what to do but alien the biggest parts & put all the rest in the middle & shape to an omelet shape the best way  possible


yes under all that cheese & sour cream is a scrambled mess but it was just for me &  it ate just as good as if it was pretty lol!

with  hubby working I kept lunch simple, I tried yellow tomatoes , have you had yellow tomatoes? they sure make  a salad pretty !


speaking of pretty, did you know that if you put the dressing on the lettuce then add all the fixins it makes  for a prettier salad, yea pretty always makes it taste better lol! salad, is a mixture of  romaine lettuce, & shredded red cabbage, shredded cheese, cubed ham, yellow salad tomatoes, thousand Island dressing

basically there was no  dinner/supper as I haven’t felt good so just  a banana & a glass of milk   yea that’s not in the plan but there was no bread, sugar, starches, or sweets today & that’s a good start!


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