Sunday, May 3, 2015




Some call it dinner some call it lunch, whatever you call it I made it  after I got home from church lol! When looking at the price of flank steak I opted for thin sliced shoulder steak $15 difference people! not knowing what flank steak tasted like we wouldn't know the difference anyway lol broccoli ,red onions, rice wine vinegar, soy sauce & different spices later we have Chinese from scratch!

I sliced the steak into smaller strips placed steak in a bowl

adding1 TBS garlic (jar minced),2 TBS rice wine ,1 1/2 tsp. cornstarch, 2 tsp. reduced soy sauce,  salt, pepper,mix well


steamed the broccoli in water for about a minute in a separate pan, drain


slice  a red onion

in separate small bowl mix 2 TBS hoisin sauce( a thick brown spicy sweet sauce) & 1 TBS rice wine

brown steak in about a TBS or so of granola oil, transfer to plate &

sauté onions,


add broccoli,meat, red onions back to skillet


stir  in hoisin sauce mixture , stirring to coat




* I couldn't find rice wine anywhere & thought rice vinegar was the same but my daughter stopped by & informed me it wasn’t lol! oh well it did fine anyway

* Flank steak was over $23 so I opted for thin sliced shoulder steak at around $7

* I did not use ginger as we don’t care for the taste that much

* I didn’t use the chili sauce as hot does not set well with us

* the recipe suggest using  a wok , I don’t own one so I use my trusty  black cast iron skillet that I’ve had for 40 years

all in all we liked the outcome of this recipe & I more than likely will make it again

you can get a print out of the recipe here

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