Saturday, June 27, 2015


with the move to the house on the lake there hasn’t been much fancy exciting cooking going on, we took the smaller grands to pick peaches, oh what a time they had!

you know you’re getting close when the see the big peach in the air!


boy was it hot! but that didn’t stop the fun!





funny how they disappear when there’s work to be done lol! peach jam & canned peaches done!



when it comes to peaches I don’t drain  mine like the sure box suggest I like to know I’m eating peach jam, I cut them as small as I can  then mash well with my masher, sometimes in  a blender but I took them to the new house & had to work with what I had

the  canned peaches are  in light syrup made by  mixing 3 parts water to one part sugar, I usually make 2-3 batches  at a time depending on how many peaches I have


3c. water

1c. sugar

mix & heat, pour over peaches in jars, slide a knife  down the sides to remove any air bubbles

water bath for 25 min.


now to go looking for blackberries! there’s  a place that we go to every year for wild blackberries & wild plums


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Marsha Baker said...

Oh I bet that jam is wonderful. And how special to make memories with this kids this way. MMMMM!