Wednesday, July 1, 2015



Are there places around you that you wonder what they are? what they have? but have never been? there’s a little bakery/coffee shop  just a few doors down from one of our favorite steak houses , why have we never been here? lol!




we had to be out & about early yesterday morning so we decided to try something new to us & this was it! I loved this little place & looking forward to going back to try something off their lunch menu, I had the chocolate kiss & he had a cherry Danish, they both were delicious, not too sweet but just right  surprisingly filling perhaps because there isn’t a high content of sugar like our sweets contain


11168855_10200675174517347_1676234581313686133_n[1]  11695462_10200675174877356_4499009412275299818_n[1]

definitely worth going back,  the lady that owns it is from Germany & is  sweet as can be! I don’t think I’ve had asthenic  German food so trying something from the lunch menu could be interesting as well as delicious

other than stepping outside our  food comfort zone there’s been more canning going on! 9 jars of blackberry yumminess!



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