Sunday, August 9, 2015


now let me explain myself loll!  ok so my daughter makes cakes, she has this very sharp thingy that she slides across the top of the cake to level it off, now that’s the part she doesn’t use or need , what the kids & hubby doesn’t eat  gets tossed out & I’m always telling her  make cake balls , make something! lol! , so happens she had  a few orders this past week plus a wedding cake while staying with us while their air was being fixed, so I tell her  don’t throw the cake out  we can make something out of it like dessert!  so on line she goes & to the fancy dish closet I go to get the trifle bowl & thus  a strawberry shortcake trifle was born!



everyone was happy that I convinced her to save the scraps lol! after all a dump cake is a broken cake, right?


so if you know someone who makes cakes, ask them for the scraps & turn it into something yummy!


she  toped sliced strawberries with sugar, let them set for  a few minutes, covered the bottom of the trifle e bowl with cake, poured the juice from the strawberries over the cake, then added a cream cheese & cool whip mixture then strawberries  & repeated till bowl  was full the next day she made a chocolate cake & don’t think I didn’t grab those scraps & put in my freeze for  a future  black forest truffle lol!



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