Saturday, August 1, 2015


my father-n-law wasn’t sure if he could get tomatoes to grow too good, so what does he do? he plants rows & rows of them! & what do they do? they grow!! lol! he has tomatoes running out the Yazoo lol!

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I’d came across a few recipes on Pinterest how to sun dry your own tomatoes, with some olive oil & a few spices you can make your own!

take one

the recipe said let cook for 4-5 hrs on 200 which I thought was a little too long as I almost got tomato chips, but once they’re jarred in olive oil they do ok  in recipes


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now for take two, did I mention  there’s an endless supply of tomatoes? lol! I’d came across another recipe that only ask for 1-2 hrs on 225-300 so here  we go out for more tomatoes & take two!



I left  a little over half the seeds this time, seems like removing all of them removes the meat of the tomatoes as  it may be why I came up with tomato chips the first time lol! I  didn’t add thyme to the tomatoes as in round one but I did on the drying , I forgot to take  a picture after they came out of the oven





so there you have it take one & take two on drying your own sun dried tomatoes,


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the thyme makes for a pretty presentation of the tomatoes , take two was just for me & I was tired of waiting  & wanted them out of the oven  in the jar & into the fridge  so I could go to bed lol!   so the next time you have  an abundance of tomatoes try drying them                           


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