Friday, April 4, 2014


It’s been a rainy day today, but promises of sunshine tomorrow with a high of 70’s, perfect for going to the Zoo, today I pulled some chicken tenders from the freezer with the first thought of making quesadillas, I’ve made these before & have proven to be a keeper for the recipe files

chicken02 chicken03


I like to do  three layers piled high, four wedges for me & for for him,


I then proceeded to make some bar b que sandwiches, which terry snagged one for his lunch box as he was getting ready for work, the other two are in the freezer for whenever needed

chicken05 chicken06

then I”ll need supper later, right? so a tiny bit of dressing, cheese, lettuce & I had a chicken wrap all done for supper

chicken04  chicken07

just enough leftover cherry cobbler to squeak out two portions


how many different things do you make with one main item?

tomorrow  is a big day, we’re getting up early & heading out to Birmingham to meet up with  the kids & all the grand kids at the Zoo


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