Wednesday, May 28, 2014



It’s  amazing how far you can stretch a pear lol!  little over  a year ago a sweet friend blessed me with more pears than I could count, I canned some in light syrup, preserves,pear butter,


even came across a pear pie recipe, I decided it was time to pull that pie out of the freezer & give it  a test run


it baked up beautifully


the crust was delicious! the pears were delicious! we talked about how we’d wished  we had some vanilla ice-cream to go with it but would this be a recipe keeper for the recipe box? I’m thinking that may be a no, although it was good, because pears are mostly water they don’t hold up  well in pie situations, good enough to eat but defiantly not company worthy nor presentation worthy 



when you cut into it  gooey runny pear goodness goes everywhere, as  one of my friends would say if I served it up to her,” that’s just a hot mess!” lol! I’m sure there’s a way to tweak it to make it not so runny, got any ideas?

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