Sunday, June 8, 2014



How many times do you step out of your comfort zone when dinning out? Occasionally we like to go out to eat after church on Sundays, a steak dinner is always nice but that as well as a good hamburgers,  meat & veggies can become the same ole same ole so we step out of our comfort food zone & scout out for places we’ve never been or something on the menu we've never tried  before, today was such a case, “Mediterranean” humm what exactly does that involve?well only one way to find out….go in


you enter & look over  a menu then proceed to the counter where you place your order & they give you a number & bring your entrée  to the table, I loved their sweet tea, there’s not many places where you can get a  sure nuff good glass of tea lol! Terry had the grilled beef tenderloin


I had the grilled chicken


they both came with a Greek salad with a fresh mix of lettuces,tomatoes,cucumber's,roasted red peppers,red onions,feta, pepperoncini,kalamata olives,with Greek dressing , baked pita & a bed of rice, I’m not sure what all those spices were on our meats , may not wantta know lol! but today was a refreshing change from the same ole same ole steak dinner or safe hamburger , there were other interesting things on the menu that we said we’d have to come back & try one of these days, there are several restaurants all around this one but we’ve always seemed to pass it by but today we faced our fear of “Mediterranean & we’re glad we did!

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