Saturday, June 28, 2014



I wasn't sure about the BBQ sauce, but it came with all the spices from the Pampered Chef workshop I attended  a few weeks back, I didn’t have enough chicken to do the pulled chicken  freezer meal ,so today I decided to just throw it together & bake it in the oven



cook time-frozen-crockpot 4-6 hrs on high

4-6 boneless chicken breast

3T pampered chef smoky applewood rub

1T pampered chef garlic & herb rub

keep separate

1 bottle pampered chef beer BBQ sauce

add & mix thoroughly after chicken has been cooked & shredded

serve on buns


I pulled some chicken tenders out of the freezer & sprinkled the spices on, then the BBQ sauce , had this sauce not came in my supply kit It wouldn’t of been my BBQ sauce of choice, it smelt  just like it ‘s named, thinking long & hard, telling ourselves ok it’ll cook out, we use Van flavoring all the time for goodness sake & we know what it’s based from lol! the smell of the applewood rub filled the air overpowering the smell of the BBQ sauce, so it’s gonna be good, right? time to plate up & eat!


I wound up scrapping as much of the BBQ sauce off as I could as the taste  was very potent, so potent that you feel bad for eating it much less cooking with it but we live & learn & what I’ve learned from this BBQ sauce is to throw the other half of the bottle away lol! but on  a lighter note, there is  a blackberry thicket that we keep our eye on every year &they’re starting to ripen!


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