Tuesday, July 1, 2014




we went blue berry pickin! two gallons of blue berries doesn’t look like very much in the buckets but when you get them home & start spreading them out & deciding what to do with them, it seems like a whole lot more than you were thinking when you picked them lol!


I spread out two baking sheets full & flash froze them over night for future pancakes, overnight French toast, muffins anything that involves fresh blueberries  etc.& canned the rest in  a light syrup, our two gallons  gave us 8 pints & 4 quart baggies

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my light syrup is a simple recipe I’d found on line a few years ago & have used it ever since when I can fruit, it’s just the right amount of sweetness when you make cobblers you’re adding sugar


3 parts water to 1 part sugar

this means you’ll be adding 1 cup of sugar to every 3 cups of water

fill fruit to the rim of  clean jars

bring syrup water to a boil,

keeping it hot, ladle over blueberries

wipe off excess from jar mouths & add seals that has been  setting in hot water

with a butter knife go down  the edges to remove air bubbles

this will prevent  exploding in the caner lol!

place jars in canner & process 15 min after  you hear the rumbling of the water


of all the years I’ve canned I’ve always snatched them out & flipped them upside down to assure  sealing, which works & I still do sometimes but I recently came across a blogger  who talked about  the popping they make when they seal, yea I know that sounds crazy to get excited  waiting for the pop pop lol! 

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