Friday, August 29, 2014


yesterday after going to a huge fabric outlet with five other friends we stopped off at a farmers market on the way back home, now you got  six women, fabric & produce in a Van, how much room do you suppose we had? lol! my friend Clareta cooked up a big supper for us before we all headed back home after our long road trip (2hr drive) I will feature what she cooked us ASAP


this morning I got up ready to face all that produce I’d bought & Getting your chores done  does bring sweet rewards LoL after the beans are snapped & washed, corn shucked & washed , as long as you’re prepping & getting it ready to put up, might as well set some out for lunch, right? you heard the saying "keep it real " ? Wellll see the corn on the plate?LoL it was almost time for terry to go to work & the corn wasn't cooking fast enough but presentation is everything when your plating right? So ever so gently place the corn  on  the plate, click! & back into the pot! We'll think about  eating that corn tomorrow surely it'll be done by then lol


oops did I just remember there’s two bunches of turnip greens in the refrigerator? oh well I shall think about those tomorrow lol!


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