Monday, August 18, 2014


do you ever play with your food? ponder about how things would work? make things up & try it anyways? I was with friends  a few weeks back who bought tons of okra & the discussion came up how when it’s cut & fried  how although it is soooo good, but seems to disappear , you know how you get those tiny circles of fried okra that wont even fit on your fork lol! so I asked..wonder how okra would do fried whole? well last night  I pondered that thought & gave it a try


not company worthy but eatable, then we pondered why flour will stick to it when it’s cut up & not whole, I even gave them an egg wash lol! maybe just maybe if you use cornmeal , I will suggest that to the others & let one of them ponder that thought as I boiled the rest of mine for Terry, yuck yuck the things we do for our honeys lol!

on another note I pondered that wedge salad that I’ve tried to master quite a few times that I enjoy from a local steak house, my lettuce  always separated, dressing went all over the plate but  I do believe I have  mastered it! whoo hoo!


I was so proud of myself I went back & added a boiled egg lol!


speaking of proud, I’m proud of our little tomato plant, it’s finally producing  more than one red one at a time lol!



there’s been work going on in the kitchen to, I just put up  strawberry's canned just enough for a few cobblers along  the way & froze the rest, I just about didn’t know what to do with a whole flat of strawberries lol!


& today I’m up to my eyeballs in tomatoes…it’s salsa time! & I’m pondering going & getting sweet potatoes lol! speaking of pondering, have you been pondering about our weight loss journey? as I posted earlier we control the diet , it will not control us, if we want it we will eat it! I’ve lost close to 15lbs, I don’t notice it much guess cause I see me in the same cloths but I really knew it when I cut my blue skirt down about 3” on both sides, I made the blue skirt 2 yrs ago which is the 3ed pic, pic in the middle was taken this past weekend after I took it apart cut down & re  sewn , I don’t color  my hair anymore, maybe that’s where the weight loss is coming from , no chemicals weighing me down lol! lol! it’ll take another bracket on the scales to really tell , I don[‘t count lb. by lb. as that’s depressing I go by 10’s lol! 90’s 80’s 70’s 60’s 50’s 40’s etc. & take it slow & one day at a time


4th July………….week ago………………2 yrs ago


30 min on the treadmill & it’s like it never happened! LOL!


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