Tuesday, May 12, 2015




I finally had time to try out one of the lettuce wrap recipes I’d came across on the internet, Chicken Fajita lettuce Wraps with a little tweaking


the recipe calls for Italian dressing , which I did not have so I used Kraft's Sun Dried Tomato Vinegarret dressing, taste wise, I think this would be the better choice anyway seeing Italian has more of a tart taste which I’m sure is a matter of taste but tonight it  was a matter of what I had lol!

I butterflied  two chicken breast & cut into strips, prepped  my peppers & onion, the chicken marinates for 30 minutes in 1/4 c. of the dressing & 1/4 tbsp. cumin, I didn’t measure either of these, I just eyeballed it, meanwhile  you will take  about 2=3 TBSP. of the dressing & cook the peppers & onions till  tender to your liking, remove  them from the skillet & add chicken with the marinade & cook till done, return peppers & onions, layer onto Romaine lettuce leaves , the recipe calls to wrap in lettuce, I chose to do the Romaine

I was surprised at how well the flavors of this was so good, a  recipe keeper for sure! I’m sure it was the sun dried tomato vinegarret that done it lol!, will defiantly be trying this with tortillas, sour cram ,cheese , you know! the works! lol! but for now this is fine the way it is, for it turned out good enough to be a keeper!


I found this recipe on the Kraft Recipe site, you can print out the recipe  here  http://www.kraftrecipes.com/recipes/chicken-fajita-lettuce-wraps-63385.aspx




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